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Elizabeth Mbiwan
Born in Cameroon
82 years
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If you knew Mrs. Elizabeth Mbiwan, there is no way her LOVE for READING could possibly have escaped you. Our home was bursting at the seams with everything form the Classics, to African Writers Series books, National Geographic Magazines, and of course, tons of Christian Literature. Her PASSION for WRITING was no secret either! She just wrote as naturally as she breathed, anything from letters, notes, pamphlets, short stories and plays, all in that unbelievably beautiful handwriting of hers. I was rummaging through my "stuff" and stumbled across the manuscript of a play she wrote; One of the MANY in which some of us, now in our 30s and 40s, remember having played the role of Shepherd, Angel, Roman Centurion, Magi, even Baby Jesus or a Bleating Sheep! You don't mind my sharing it, do you Mummy? Little wonder things like " Microsoft word processors" left you totally unimpressed!
I salute your Creativity & Penmanship - and then I do have to acknowledge your Dexterity at the Sewing Machine as well, since you sewed every single one of the Costumes the Characters in your plays wore, on that Singer Treadle Machine! You were SOMETHIN' ELSE oh, Mummy!






Mummy also authored several publications. Here are a few of them!

  Front Cover    QR code for A Handbook on Sex Education for Parents and Older Teenagers  




Granny loved to teach!  On one of her trips to spend time with us while AJ and I were both in elementary school, she decided to teach us to speak Douala, a language from Daddy's heritage.  She took the time to cut out pictures from old magazines and create poster boards (see example in pictures below) to help us practice our vocabulary. This and other techniques worked very well because after a couple of weeks we were able to make simple sentences and have short conversations in Douala.


Granny, sorry we forgot much of the Douala we learned because we did not keep up with the practice long enough.  However I think you will be glad to know that we still remember the greetings, and how to say grace before meals completely in Douala. Thank you for taking the time to teach us.  We miss you! 

Nsela Ndando