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Her Legacy
The popular Christian Hymn "ONLY REMEMBERED" reminds us that after our demise, we will only be remembered by what we have done. If that is as true as I believe it is, then Mummy will certainly NOT be soon forgotten. Here are just a small part of the FOOTPRINTS she has left behind!

*** The Background Music on this page is titled "The Wise May Bring Their Learning", (Church Hymnary #363 ). It features Mrs. Elizabeth Mbiwan (Soprano) and her daughters, and was recorded during an "Evening Prayer" session at our home back in 1982***


                    Mrs. Ebob Evenye Mbiwan Tanyi

               Director, Bilingual Linguistic Centre Bonanjo-Douala
    Proprietress, ALCEF (Aunt Lizzie's Christian Educational Foundation)
                  School & Amusement Park

                  Mrs. Namondo (Didi) Mbiwan Ndando
                         Geotechnical Engineer
                      Vice President HVJ Associates

                  Mrs. Egbe Etonde Mbiwan Monjimbo
                        Translator - Teacher
        Foreign Language Department, Mallard Creek High School


                          Manuela Evenye Monjimbo

                   Cornell University - Ithaca, New York


                             Randall Ebai Tanyi
                          Polytechnique - Yaounde
                              Brenda Mpey Tanyi
                               CUSS - Yaounde

                            George Acha Monjimbo
                      UNC Chapel Hill - North Carolina

                           Cadet Acha Jide Ndando
                        USMA - West Point, New York

                             Nsela Etonde Ndando
                      I.H. Kempner High School, Texas

                             Jordan Mbongo Tanyi                  

                        Sacred Heart College, Mankon